Christa Ferrari

Christa Ferrari: 10/18/43 – 09/28/05

Christa Ferrari, Riverview FL. Marker at Bloomingdale and Hwy 301 Riverview FL.   It’s almost 13 years since my world changed.  13 years that still feels like yesterday.  Time does not heal wounds.  It just lets you learn how to live with them.  I try to only think about the things that my Mom left …

Christa Ferrari: 10/18/43 – 09/28/05

Lillia Grace Morris

Lillia Grace Morris: 4/13/01 – 4/24/18

Lillia Grace Morris died tragically due to someone running a red light. She is in Heaven which brings us comfort. We are also saddened that her smiles, laughter and joy are now our memories rather than present and future. Lillia was one of those children that wanted to be a kid rather than grow up …

Lillia Grace Morris: 4/13/01 – 4/24/18


Tiffiany Marie Olson: 5/27/83 – 12/7/05

We’ve all seen them as we drive down the street but never could I have imagined one would be for my daughter. When my 22 year old beautiful girl was killed in a fatal crash on U.S 19 in Palmetto Florida, December 7th 2005, I remember getting a call asking me how her name was …

Tiffiany Marie Olson: 5/27/83 – 12/7/05

Scott Valentino-min

Scott Valentino: 11/1/72 – 4/2/13

April 2, 2013 is a day that changed my life. My husband’s life was taken by a red-light runner.  My last conversation with Scott was at 9:05 that morning when he told me he was coming home to finish working.  At around 11:30 that morning I received a knock on my door from a detective …

Scott Valentino: 11/1/72 – 4/2/13

Louis Mitchell Hall-min

Louis Mitchell Hall: 12/6/81 – 9/5/08

This place, where we go several times a year. The place where we leave flowers, holiday wreaths, birthday balloons, and symbols of life. The place where we remember that this is where our son took his last breath. This place is the roadside marker on the side of a busy highway where our oldest child …

Louis Mitchell Hall: 12/6/81 – 9/5/08

Together We Will Drive Down Heartache

We're here to encourage personal accountability for all road users by honoring and demonstrating lives lost due to roadway tragedies.



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