Kimberly Alice McKenzie: 12/10/84 – 07/06/06

My daughter Kimberly Alice McKenzie, Kim, was an energetic, fun and happy new mother of Angie, her 9-month-old daughter. Kim was so proud to be a mom and loved Angie with every part of her being. Kim worked at Busch Gardens and R-Club. While working at R-Club Kim worked with deaf children and went to school to learn how to communicate with her students. Kim loved kids and especially her daughter Angie, sister Amber and new brother Tyler (Her Little Man). Kim was always coming to the house to visit, and before she would leave she would make me check Angie’s child seat to be sure it was installed correctly and secure (I was a child safety seat installer).

On July 6th 2006 Kim met a friend at the Citrus Mall and on her way home, with Angie in the child seat, in the back. For an unknown reason, Kim lost control of her vehicle on the Veterans Expressway in Tampa. Kim’s vehicle rolled several times. Kim was pronounced deceased at the crash site, but Angie was found secure in her car seat and had no injuries at all.

With the help of Bruce Murakami, Melissa Wandall, and FDOT a roadside marker with Kim’s picture was erected at her crash site.

We love Kim more every day and miss and think of her all the time. People need to be careful in traffic and treasure every day because you never know when you will be called to heaven.


Ron McKenzie

2 thoughts on “Kimberly Alice McKenzie: 12/10/84 – 07/06/06”

  1. I am so sorry Ron. I am all too familiar with your heartbreak. My son Wayne died in a motorcycle accident also on July 6th. This July it will be 15 years since he left this world. I will be thinking of you on this day and sending love in the breeze.

    Joyce Bugaiski

  2. Kimberly Nicholson

    Kim was an angel. My kids loved her at RClub and made us take them to Busch Gardens to visit her. She was also the only person we trusted to babysit them and stayed at our home each year to dog sit. To us, she was family. Big heart, big smiles, full of life. We still miss her.

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