Lillia Grace Morris

Lillia Grace Morris: 4/13/01 – 4/24/18

Lillia Grace Morris died tragically due to someone running a red light. She is in Heaven which brings us comfort. We are also saddened that her smiles, laughter and joy are now our memories rather than present and future. Lillia was one of those children that wanted to be a kid rather than grow up too quickly. She played with Baby dolls until 6th grade and then quickly transitioned to being a Belieber fan of Justin Beiber during her middle school years. She even was able to attend a few concerts of his with her Gram.

Lillia loved the Twilight movies and her “Edward” was introduced to her freshman year of high school. Lillia decided to make a career in the medical field and joined the Medical Arts Academy. She loved it. Health screenings at Elementary schools were her favorite. She also loved going to volunteer to play with dogs with her friend Kennedi. Lillia’s boyfriend, Troy and his family introduced Lillia to country living and she was learning to love it. Lillia has a brother, Collin two years younger. She loved him before he was born. She loved to do things to make him happy. Lillia has a cat named Joy who misses her.

Lillia has many loved ones who will remember her for her kindness, warmth, gratitude, assertiveness and genuine love. Lillia was on her way to work at Trinity Spine the day her life was taken. She enjoyed working in the Physical Therapy Department and was learning so much. We all will find comfort in the road marker in honor of our precious Lillia Grace Morris.


Tiffany Morris

11 thoughts on “Lillia Grace Morris: 4/13/01 – 4/24/18”

  1. She was a precious child of God! Forever missed but never forgotten! Special memories of Lillia and her brother as we visited Lego Land, Sea World, Busch Gadens, Typhoon Lagoon, Trade Winds resort and many other places around Tampa! We are heartbroken at our precious loss! She was loved by so many and touched so many lives! We will love u forever and pray for those left with broken hearts!! Love Gram and Coach❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Christy Korthase

    Lillia was my beautiful niece, I miss her everyday. Hopefully her story serves as a reminder about the importance of driving responsibly. Roadside markers have a heartbreaking story attached to each one, so happy Lillia is honored here.

  3. I didn’t know Lillia personally, but my daughter jade did. She seemed to be an amazing young lady who is a child of God. I pray every day for Tiffany and her family that Jesus keeps them wrapped in comfort and peace. Her memories will live on forever 🙏🙏

  4. Bradley Prescott

    Lillia was the most funneist most outgoing teenage and child you would ever meet guaranteed! If you went up to her, she would give you a big hug and smile. God just received the best angle he will ever get!

  5. I am so sorry. Lilla is beautiful. We are holding you in our hearts, for we know this grief. Our beautiful Sarah Elizabeth was killed by a speeding red light running adult man in December of her senior year in high school. We will light a candle for Lilla beside Sarah’s and say her name aloud. May you always hear Lilla whisper in your ear and her arms around your holding you close.

    1. Thank you for sharing Sue! We would love for you to submit a story on Sarah Elizabeth. I honor your loss and Sarah Elizabeths life! Grateful, Melissa

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  8. It’s evident Lillia lived knowing how much she was loved, it can be seen in her beautiful smile. Such a tragic loss but hopefully her story will bring light to how important awareness and accountability is of driving safely.

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