Scott Valentino: 11/1/72 – 4/2/13

April 2, 2013 is a day that changed my life. My husband’s life was taken by a red-light runner.  My last conversation with Scott was at 9:05 that morning when he told me he was coming home to finish working.  At around 11:30 that morning I received a knock on my door from a detective and he sat me down and told me the news that Scott was involved in a car accident and that he passed away. The accident happened at 9:20 that morning.  I became numb and remember not knowing what to do or say.

Scott was a husband, father, son and a brother who is loved and missed every second of everyday. His life was taken away too early. He had his whole life to live and overcame so many obstacles in his life.  He was a dedicated and hard worker who always made sure his family was well taken care of. He enjoyed his job and he was most excited to be able to work from home because he enjoyed being home with Nikki his husky that he got 4 months before he died.

Scott enjoyed going to Disney, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure because he loved to go on all the roller coasters. He especially enjoyed spending time with his daughters.  He and his oldest enjoyed the same music bands so they were always going to concerts.  Scott and his youngest daughter enjoyed sports which included going to hockey games and football games. Scott was a huge Redskins fan and a diehard Capitals fan. Scott and I enjoyed being with each other, whether it was going to movies or just a night away as long as we were together…. and now his daughters and I will no longer have that.

Scott was the love of my life, my soul mate and a provider for his family. So, if it wasn’t for someone running a red light, I would still have Scott and his daughters would still have their father…. So, please STOP ON RED because LOVE MATTERS.

By Carol Valentino

4 thoughts on “Scott Valentino: 11/1/72 – 4/2/13”

  1. I agree 1 million percent with everything above!! That red light runner also took away a great friend …..Scott made work bearable, even when he stopped by desk to rag me & my BOLTS by saying his Capitals were better! I MISS YOU MY FRIEND! :'( 💔

  2. I didn’t know Scott that well. I was lucky enough to meet him once or twice. However, we spent many nights on the phone when my hockey team was playing his hockey team. He would never answer the phone when his team is losing. We had many other interests in common that we spoke about. Example his wonderful life and one of my best friend’s Carol. We were planning a surprise for Carol’s birthday and Scott was going to fly me into Florida. Of course Carroll, found out about it and didn’t want it. She’s not a party kind of person. LOL. I’ve known Carol almost her whole life. And I know know how devastated she is with her husband’s loss. Scott I hope you’re looking out for her she’s always on your mind and we always talk about you. You are truly missed

  3. Audrianna Reimert

    I love you and miss you like crazy dad not a day don’t go by that I don’t wish you were here. I may not be ur real daughter but you will always be my dad you stepped up when my real one wouldn’t and for that I am great full.

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