Tiffiany Marie Olson: 5/27/83 – 12/7/05

We’ve all seen them as we drive down the street but never could I have imagined one would be for my daughter.

When my 22 year old beautiful girl was killed in a fatal crash on U.S 19 in Palmetto Florida, December 7th 2005, I remember getting a call asking me how her name was spelled.

Her name is Tiffiany spelled with a “I“ I told the person on the other line. As I type this my mind goes back to that conversation, one of the many memories stored that never go away.

As I do daily errands or make that occasional trip to Tampa I try to avoid that street where she and her boyfriend’s (also killed that night) markers stand. I’ve also tried to turn my head and not look, but it seems that just doesn’t work. I look! And my heart is ripped in pieces again……….. and again.

On her birthday, anniversaries or even holidays I visit the site so I can decorate with new plastic flowers and things I think she may like. How crazy but that’s what this mom does.

I now pay closer attention to other markers knowing there are others out there like me trying to muster up the strength to relive once again the worst night ever.

On the last anniversary 2017, as I stood looking out toward the intersection, envisioning that night, her last moments and her face before impact, tears fell as they do regularly.

But this day two different women pulled over to talk with me.

The first a young girl offering her condolences, the other who said she knew my daughter’s boyfriend. Talk about something taking your breath away!

My heart grieves for every person who has had to endure losing a loved one but sometimes its good to know there’s others out there just like me.

In Tiffianys passing I have started an organization to Inform Families when their loved ones are involved in roadway tragedies. This will not bring my beautiful girl back but helps me channel my grief by helping others.

Together We Will Drive Down Heartache

We're here to encourage personal accountability for all road users by honoring and demonstrating lives lost due to roadway tragedies.


  • info@drivingdownheartache.org
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