Joshua and Mama

Joshua M. Kreiser: 11/9/76-12/30/20

My name is Ida and I am and always will be Mama to Joshua. I miss him every day! The heartbreak is unbearable on most days. I use my days to find ways to make our Florida roads safer for everyone in Joshua’s name. I do not want one more person to die and I […]


Brad Deanda: 10/5/70 – 12/11/16

By Averie McDaniel, “Brad Deanda” is much more than a name on a road marker to me. In case you were wondering, a road marker is a sign on the road that reminds people to drive safely, and the sign reads the name of a person whose life was lost due to theirs or someone else’s […]

Carolyn and Chad Driving Down Heartache site

Chad Moor: 10/27/63 – 2/14/2000

Valentine’s Day 2000 It was going to be the most romantic date of my life with the love of my life. My husband of ten years, father of my two small daughters and co-owners of a 50 person interior design and architectural firm with a team we loved creating beautiful spaces for clients. On the […]


John & Helen Prinos

John Prinos 6/3/1928 – 1/8/2022Helen Prinos 3/29/1932 – 1/8/2022 These markers memorialize the preventable crash that killed my parents, John and Helen Prinos.  They will be missed greatly by their sons Michael, Gary, and myself (Scott). They had two wonderful daughters-in-law Shawn and Alla, four grandchildren, Matthew, Liliya, Daniel, and Sasha, and two great-grandchildren, Damien […]


James “Jaimie” Francis McHenry IV: 12/7/99 – 4/3/13

The story behind the mile marker at the corner of A1A and Aqua Rae Dr in Hutchinson Island, FL represents our 13-year-old son, James “Jamie” Francis McHenry IV, who was hit and killed at that intersection while crossing the street with his best friend to get snacks while he was on a Spring Break trip […]


Amber Victoria Kelso & Mary Kathryn Otto-Mennicke

7/21/93 – 1/18/21 Mary Kathryn Otto-Mennicke 10/31/40 – 6/15/20 I am the daughter of Mary Kathryn Otto-Mennicke and the mom of Amber Victoria Kelso. Within a year they both lost their lives in two different incidences to roadway tragedy. I would love to share who they were in this life and what they meant to […]


Kedan Dane Tillett: 8/17/91 – 11/23/18

Kedan Dane Tillett was born on August 17th 1991 in Libertad Belize to Philip and Elsa Tillett. Kedan’s life was taken away on November 23rd 2018. Kedan was killed by a drunk driver in Fort Pierce Florida at the intersection of Midway Road and 25th Street. Kedan was presumably home from work and was preparing […]


Cindy & Chelsea Murkami: 11/16/98

Everyday I miss my wife and my daughter. My wife, Cindy lived life with grace and passion. She was beautiful both inside and out, she exercised regularly, ate healthy and loved to cook delicious meals for family and friends. Cindy was devoted to God and her family. She would often volunteer as many hours a […]


Tyler Pangrazio: 1993 – 6/27/13

My son Tyler Pangrazio lost his life on June 27, 2013, in a traffic crash at the hands of a careless driver who failed to yield the right of way.  Tyler was a handsome, respectful, bright young man known to be personable, humorous and always willing to lend a hand.  His infectious smile could light […]


Mark Wandall: 2/4/73 – 10/24/03

By Joe St. Onge – The phone rang late Friday night, October 24th, but we didn’t get up.  We just let it go. A minute later, the phone rang again.  I reluctantly answered the phone (no caller ID then).  I will never forget Mark’s dad saying somberly, “we lost Mark tonight.” I don’t remember if I dropped the phone […]

Together We Will Drive Down Heartache

We're here to encourage personal accountability for all road users by honoring and demonstrating lives lost due to roadway tragedies.


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